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Tipopils and the myth of Italian craft beer

Agostino Arioli, brewmaster and founder at Birrificio Italiano, is linked to beer production by a passion which originated during his early childhood; a time when a homebrew experiment would put him in contact with a scent of hops which would “haunt” him throughout his career. Agostino and Birrificio Italiano’s brewing philosophy focuses since the beginning on the will to brew beers “for drinkers”, unpasteurized and additive-free.

With this desire in mind, Agostino founds Birrificio Italiano in Lurago Marinone (Como) in 1994, the first microbrewery in the region of Lombardy and among the first in Italy, which opened to the public on April 3rd, 1996. Boasting a 2 hectolitres brewhouse, tailor-made by the Sabbioneta-based Company OMAP, This was the birth of Tipopils. After a slow start, during the second half of the 1990s craft beer starts to be a topic in Italy, and Birrificio Italiano is pioneering the new scene. Tipopils enjoys a huge success,

Birrificio Italiano today

Loyal to our philosophy, every day we keep experimenting, creating clean, wholesome, free beers. Our brewers do not apply corrective methods in order to adjust the finished product; quite on the contrary they lay at the source the ideal conditions for production so that beer will be able to evolve on its own towards the desired result.

Our beers are free of stabilizers, additives, centrifugations, always unfiltered and unpasteurized. All of the microbiological, chemical, physical parameters are monitored in order to study the way they interact, and the results such interactions generate; so that the beer might fulfill its purpose: getting to your glass as fresh and good as it’s meant to be.

In Their Own Words:

"We have been brewing unfiltered, unpasteurized, additive-free craft beer since 1996. We’re proud of having been amongst the earliest pioneers on the Italian craft beer scene."

Birrificio Italiano

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